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“Billions” Costume Designer dishes on Wendy Rhoades’ enviable looks


When Jane Carlson from The Hollywood Reporter, asked me about Maggie Siff’s character’s powerful, streamlined style on the Showtime series, Billions, I said “The minute she walks through the office you know you don’t want to f–k with her.”

Check out The Hollywood Reporter‘s full article “Billions” Costume Designer dishes on Wendy Rhoades’ enviable looks and the difference between designing for Billions compared to The Carrie Diaries or Gossip Girl.

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FASHION 411: Blair Waldorf’s wardrobe lives on!

blair-waldorf-in-oscar-de-la-renta-chuck-bass-parisIf you think that Leighton Meester wore Blair’s signature headbands off the lot or that Kiernan Shipka slipped a ’60s-era “Mad Men” dress into her bag at the end of the day, think again.

I spoke with Fawnia Soo Hoo, contributing editor of, about the number one rule of thumb that audiences might not realize, where to find cast-offs from your favorite shows, and more.

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I told Cosmo China “Fashion should be original, both a fun and very enjoyable thing.”

eric-daman-cosmo-china-june-2014 To find your own signature style is to embrace fashion in the best way. Fashion is meant to be fun and enjoyed. Its ok to take risks and be inventive along the way. It’s the key to finding your own true style. Shop for your shape. Respect who you are, how you are built, and work with your best assets. Learn to accept them, maximize them, and minimize the rest.”

See Cosmo China’s F IS FOR FASHION at

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Mad-Mentheluxelife_logo_150x62THE LIST: TOP FIVE TV FASHIONS
By Jennifer Choy

It all started with ‘Sex and the City’ … Maybe it was when Carrie wore her infamous tutu while prancing down the streets of New York that we really started noticing that show’s fashions. But, for whatever reason, we never stopped. Costume designer Patricia Field, who likely lived in relative anonymity, became a household name and television fashion was never the same. Can I get an amen?!

Though ‘Sex and the City’ is long gone, our obsession with TV fashion has remained. We seem to care as much about the clothing worn by our favourite television characters as we do about character development and plot-lines.

So forget about the runways, let’s take a look at some of the most stylish television [characters] to hit the airwaves… (+more)

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samantha-jones-carries-diaries-big‘Carrie Diaries’ Exclusive! Samantha Jones’s Style Secrets

Costume designer Eric Daman fills us on what to expect from the newest (and ’80s-est) Carrie Diaries character, Samantha Jones.

TeenVogue: How would you compare Carrie Diaries Samantha to Sex and the City Samantha? On SATC, Samantha’s style was actually sort of ’80s with all those suits!

Eric: Totally. When we met Samantha in Sex and the City, she’s older and her style’s more elevated, but in The Carrie Diaries, she’s in fringed T-shirts and leather skirts and layers of chunky studded belts. She’s growing up in the rock world, getting her first taste of power, and the power suits she wears in the ’90s are definitely a carryover of those from the ’80s.

TeenVogue: What brands are you dressing her in?

Eric: We did a big sweep of the fast fashion stores—there’s a lot of H&M and Topshop. Material Girl from Macy’s has tons of great pieces, and so do Bebe and Guess. We’re actually using vintage Guess which seems very appropriate, but the new Guess collection is also kind of perfect. Urban Outfitters has leather bralets and lace crop tops, and even though these pieces have an ’90s feel, we tailor them to have more of an ’80s silhouette. She’s into Manolo Blahnik shoes, and their pointy shape is key to her style. We’re also using things from Rodarte‘s acid-wash collection that are really perfect and Versace’s Versus line has a great leather jacket with gold studs. It feels very tongue-in-cheek and overdone, but that’s what those girls wore!

Read the full article by Julia Rubin about how Samantha’s style influences Carrie’s fashion choices in season two and what 80’s inspired trends you’ll want to discover on!

huffpostlivestudio_tallSHOP AT HOME WITH ERIC DAMAN:
Learn How To Revamp Your Style!

Eric Daman costume designer of The Carrie Diaries, Gossip Girl, and author of personal style guide You Know You Want it teaches you how to sift through everything in your closet for a fresh take on the clothes & accessories you know you’ve been overlooking.

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Nothing screams sexy and confident like this seductive, in-the-buff hue,” Eric Daman, celebrity stylist and Century 21 Department Store brand ambassador, tells In Touch.

intouchweekly_nudeattitude_coverPair with matching or metallic accessories as seen on Jessica Chastain in Armani Privé, Zoe Saldana in Rodarte, Stacy Keibler in Zac Posen, Solange Knowles in Stéphane Rolland Haute Couture, and Vanessa Hudgens in Jenny Packham. Stay away from black extras that will muddy the look.

Check out INTOUCHWEEKLY.COM for more fashion & beauty. XOXOE!

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Eric Daman, Costume Designer of The Carrie Diaries @EricDaman_Style appearing on HuffPostLive


Eric Daman costume designer ofThe Carrie Diaries, Gossip Girl, and author of personal style guide You Know You Want it teaches you how to sift through everything in your closet for a fresh take on the clothes & accessories you know you’ve been overlooking.

Eric Daman @EricDaman_Style and Lauren Mikler in the  @HuffPostLive studio for a segment on "How To Shop Your Closet."

In the HuffPost Live studio in New York City with host Lauren Mikler, I answer viewers’ questions in real-time, and discusses how you can rework your wardrobe to look like the stars I style for TV! Check out their live-streaming network that uses the HuffPost universe of stories, editors, reporters, bloggers, and community as its real-time script.

PS: Was there a bit of #Fashion411 you can’t live without? Ask me here at ASK ERIC!
And remember: Style is 80% Confidence + 20% Fashion!


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Summer holiday style inspired by the one & only Blair Waldorf—
Keep your style crisp year round with a classic combination.

Slide05RED, WHITE AND BLAIR! Season 1 Ep 18 “Much ‘I Do’ About Nothing” As the episode concludes Blair is packing for a summer getaway with Chuck Bass. Dress is vintage by Enza’s on Second Ave in NYC. Bag by Luis Vuitton, YSL shoes. See this pin and my other boards on Pinterest!

Slide06RED, WHITE AND BLAIR! Season 2 Ep 4 “The Ex-Files” As the episode progresses Blair feels Serena is increasingly replacing her as Queen of Constance. See this pin and my other boards on Pinterest!

Slide07RED, WHITE AND BLAIR! Season 3 Ep 2 “The Freshman” begins with Chuck seeing Blair off to move into her dorm at NYU. She is in full Blair mode in this Victoria Beckham peplum dress and white accessories. See this pin and my other boards on Pinterest!

Slide08RED, WHITE AND BLAIR! Season 3 Ep 22 “Last Tango, Then Paris” In the final scenes of Season 3, Blair wears this boat print, nautical theme blouse and red pencil skirt with matching D&G pumps as she packs (and convinces Serena to join her) in Paris for the summer! Bon Voyage! See this pin and my other boards on Pinterest!

RED, WHITE AND BLAIR! Leighton Meester was spotted (in real life!) headed to Sirius XM Radio in New York City wearing Giambattista Valli. See this pin and my other boards on Pinterest!

RED, WHITE AND BLAIR! Last but not least, Chuck’s J.Press scarf (aka Boris) is not to be left out of our Red, White & Blair lineup! See this pin and my other boards on Pinterest!

“Costume designer Eric Daman often put Leighton Meester’s “Gossip Girl” character in red, white and blue, but, he says, he also was keenly aware of balance, which doesn’t mean even. Stars are OK, stripes are OK, and sometimes they’re even OK together, but it’s easier to wade into overkill territory that way.

His favorite trick is a nautical theme: It could be a blue-and-red striped bateau neck top with white jeans, or a blue-and-white striped rugby with washed-out red chino shorts. “It’s a very Nantucket way to do it,” says Daman, a style adviser to retailer Century 21. A navy blazer, red tank and white pants offer a slightly dressier look.

And then he kicks it up with accessories, maybe red shoes or red bag, but…” (read more at

For more EricDamanStyle fashion and style news visit my FASHION & STYLE page!


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@gossipgirl_it l’uomo che ha vesta carrie della giovane bradshaw! Grazie @VanityFairIt

Per ulteriori EricDamanStyle stampa visitare la mia nella pagina MEDIA

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Celebrity Stylist Eric Daman Is Century 21 Department Store’s Newest Brand Ambassador

Emmy Award winning stylist and costume designer, Eric Daman shares summer fashion tips.

Celebrity Stylist Eric Daman Is Century 21 Department Stores Newest Brand Ambassador


If you’ve watched Gossip Girl or The Carrie Diaries, you’ve seen Eric Daman’s work in action. He’s a top notch stylist and costume designer who has made actresses look phenomenal on screen. Eric has also collaborated with top brands like Swarovski, DKNY and Charlotte Russe— creating coveted limited edition collections that have flown out of stores. Now Eric Daman’s been selected to be Century 21 Department Store’s latest brand ambassador, lending his expertise on what to buy and how to wear this summer’s hottest styles. I got a chance to meet Eric at the newly expanded Century 21 flagship store. CONTINUED

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