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Bianca Bai and I have a stylish cup of tea in NYC!

China’s number one fashion, beauty and lifestyle TV program, Queen (我是大美人) came to visit me in NYC! My friend Bianca Bai, a Chinese supermodel, and I had afternoon tea at the Plaza Hotel (yes, of
Gatsby fame) in Manhattan. I gave her style tips for how to master the “Upper East Side IT Girl Look” she’s just crazy about.

To see how I styled Bianca Bai in some of my favorite designers for a fashionable day of New York City shopping, and more looks inspired by Blair Waldorf and Serena van Der Woodsen from 我是大美人.

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Summer holiday style inspired by the one & only Blair Waldorf—
Keep your style crisp year round with a classic combination.

Slide05RED, WHITE AND BLAIR! Season 1 Ep 18 “Much ‘I Do’ About Nothing” As the episode concludes Blair is packing for a summer getaway with Chuck Bass. Dress is vintage by Enza’s on Second Ave in NYC. Bag by Luis Vuitton, YSL shoes. See this pin and my other boards on Pinterest!

Slide06RED, WHITE AND BLAIR! Season 2 Ep 4 “The Ex-Files” As the episode progresses Blair feels Serena is increasingly replacing her as Queen of Constance. See this pin and my other boards on Pinterest!

Slide07RED, WHITE AND BLAIR! Season 3 Ep 2 “The Freshman” begins with Chuck seeing Blair off to move into her dorm at NYU. She is in full Blair mode in this Victoria Beckham peplum dress and white accessories. See this pin and my other boards on Pinterest!

Slide08RED, WHITE AND BLAIR! Season 3 Ep 22 “Last Tango, Then Paris” In the final scenes of Season 3, Blair wears this boat print, nautical theme blouse and red pencil skirt with matching D&G pumps as she packs (and convinces Serena to join her) in Paris for the summer! Bon Voyage! See this pin and my other boards on Pinterest!

RED, WHITE AND BLAIR! Leighton Meester was spotted (in real life!) headed to Sirius XM Radio in New York City wearing Giambattista Valli. See this pin and my other boards on Pinterest!

RED, WHITE AND BLAIR! Last but not least, Chuck’s J.Press scarf (aka Boris) is not to be left out of our Red, White & Blair lineup! See this pin and my other boards on Pinterest!

“Costume designer Eric Daman often put Leighton Meester’s “Gossip Girl” character in red, white and blue, but, he says, he also was keenly aware of balance, which doesn’t mean even. Stars are OK, stripes are OK, and sometimes they’re even OK together, but it’s easier to wade into overkill territory that way.

His favorite trick is a nautical theme: It could be a blue-and-red striped bateau neck top with white jeans, or a blue-and-white striped rugby with washed-out red chino shorts. “It’s a very Nantucket way to do it,” says Daman, a style adviser to retailer Century 21. A navy blazer, red tank and white pants offer a slightly dressier look.

And then he kicks it up with accessories, maybe red shoes or red bag, but…” (read more at

For more EricDamanStyle fashion and style news visit my FASHION & STYLE page!


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Blake Lively and Leighton Meester appear in chic designer clothes when dressed by Eric Daman Gossip Girl Costume Designer in this tribute to the end of the hit series Gossip Girl.

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