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FASHION 411: Blair Waldorf’s wardrobe lives on!

blair-waldorf-in-oscar-de-la-renta-chuck-bass-parisIf you think that Leighton Meester wore Blair’s signature headbands off the lot or that Kiernan Shipka slipped a ’60s-era “Mad Men” dress into her bag at the end of the day, think again.

I spoke with Fawnia Soo Hoo, contributing editor of, about the number one rule of thumb that audiences might not realize, where to find cast-offs from your favorite shows, and more.

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Mad-Mentheluxelife_logo_150x62THE LIST: TOP FIVE TV FASHIONS
By Jennifer Choy

It all started with ‘Sex and the City’ … Maybe it was when Carrie wore her infamous tutu while prancing down the streets of New York that we really started noticing that show’s fashions. But, for whatever reason, we never stopped. Costume designer Patricia Field, who likely lived in relative anonymity, became a household name and television fashion was never the same. Can I get an amen?!

Though ‘Sex and the City’ is long gone, our obsession with TV fashion has remained. We seem to care as much about the clothing worn by our favourite television characters as we do about character development and plot-lines.

So forget about the runways, let’s take a look at some of the most stylish television [characters] to hit the airwaves… (+more)

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