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I told @VogueMagazine how the @AstronautWives’ retro fashions are topped off with chic shades.

To differentiate among the women (it can be tough to keep them straight at first), he gave each her own color palette—blacks, whites, and grays for frosty, sophisticated Louise Shepard (Dominique McElligott); baby blues and pinks for reserved, stuttering Annie Glenn (Azure Parsons); tropical greens and mixed prints for the outspoken, Marilyn Monroe–esque Rene Carpenter (Yvonne Strahovski).  The finishing touch: finding each woman the perfect pair of shades, because nobody needs eye protection like an astronaut’s wife, for whom staring up at the sky is basically an occupational hazard.

When’s Senior Culture Writer Julia Felsenthal asked me about my costume designer’s backstory on The Astronaut Wives Club, I said “We’re not doing men in great suits and women in New York silhouettes. We’re starting in middle America, and having this journey with the wives as they grow into themselves and learn about life and style.”

But I can’t go without giving props to our prop master Jonathan R. Hodges for working with costumes to source vintage styles from American Optical, Persol, and Ray-Ban. It’s one of those gray areas where costumes and props converge. Julia Felsenthal notes “The finishing touch [in] finding each woman the perfect pair of shades [is major] because nobody needs eye protection like an astronaut’s wife, for whom staring up at the sky is basically an occupational hazard.”

Check out’s full article by Julia Felsenthal From Lisa Loeb to the Astronaut Wives: Why Cat-Eye Glasses Are Cool Again, to find out why’s Fashion News Director, Chioma Nnadi, likes them so much. And get ready for your next post-MadMen fashion fix this week with episode two of The Astronaut Wives Club, “Protocol.”

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#SneakPeek @AstronautWives #Preview— Watch The First 5 Minutes of “The Astronaut Wives Club”

Ready for lift off and meet the first ladies of space! Tune in tomorrow night after you watch the first 5 minutes of ABC’s “The Astronaut Wives Club” now via YouTube.

#AstronautWives #sneakpeek #preview #countdown

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FASHION 411: Blair Waldorf’s wardrobe lives on!

blair-waldorf-in-oscar-de-la-renta-chuck-bass-parisIf you think that Leighton Meester wore Blair’s signature headbands off the lot or that Kiernan Shipka slipped a ’60s-era “Mad Men” dress into her bag at the end of the day, think again.

I spoke with Fawnia Soo Hoo, contributing editor of, about the number one rule of thumb that audiences might not realize, where to find cast-offs from your favorite shows, and more.

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Insider 411 @maebirdwing #TheDUFF style was inspired by a #Clueless Ty. @Kody_Keplinger @TheDUFF


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17 Times “Gossip Girl’s” Serena Van Der Woodsen Was Your Style Icon

enhanced-7660-1422460124-1Attention, Upper East Siders: This It girl knows a thing or two about ~fashion~.

1. When she wore this shimmery, cutout contraption and you never craved a piece of clothing more in your life: See 16 more of Kristen Harris‘s favorite #GossipGirl looks rocked by the UES’s favorite fashionista on

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eric-daman-people-magazine-stye-watch-holiday-gift-guide-Holiday Gift Guide

The Look of ‘The Carrie Diaries’ as chosen by Costume Designer Eric Daman: “Fans enjoy the way we’re emulating the’80s without making it too kitschy. We made a fresh, new Carrie Bradshaw.”

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CARRIE COSTUMES CONFIDENTIAL: An exclusive peek at Carrie’s outfits in episode 204!

I’ll take you behind the scenes into the the fitting room of #TheCarrieDiaries for this exclusive Carrie Costumes Confidential video series. XOXOE

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