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Carrie Costumes Confidential: Under Pressure

Donna gets wild in leopard at the Bradshaw house party. Take a behind-the-scenes peek at ‘The Carrie Diaries’ wardrobe with me for this ‘Carrie Costumes Confidential: Under Pressure’ video!

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STYLE.MTV.COM ASKED ME: “What’s the process like for picking out each outfit for Carrie?”

Carrie has a lot of changes in each episode—averaging about 10. I usually break down the script and categorize by type of change, e.g., "Journaling look," "Interview Office look," or "School look." Each is very different and has different needs.Carrie has a lot of changes in each episode—averaging about 10! I usually break down the script and categorize by type of change, e.g., “Journaling look,” “Interview Office look,” or “School look.” Each is very different and has different needs.

See “The Carrie Diaries’ Costume Designer Eric Daman Spills On Second Season”
by Maeve Keirans at

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Translating Manhattan Fashion Into Television—

cbs-watch-eric-daman-carrie-diaries“No one knows how to translate New York fashion to the small screen quite like Eric Daman.”

WATCH, October 2013

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samantha-jones-carries-diaries-big‘Carrie Diaries’ Exclusive! Samantha Jones’s Style Secrets

Costume designer Eric Daman fills us on what to expect from the newest (and ’80s-est) Carrie Diaries character, Samantha Jones.

TeenVogue: How would you compare Carrie Diaries Samantha to Sex and the City Samantha? On SATC, Samantha’s style was actually sort of ’80s with all those suits!

Eric: Totally. When we met Samantha in Sex and the City, she’s older and her style’s more elevated, but in The Carrie Diaries, she’s in fringed T-shirts and leather skirts and layers of chunky studded belts. She’s growing up in the rock world, getting her first taste of power, and the power suits she wears in the ’90s are definitely a carryover of those from the ’80s.

TeenVogue: What brands are you dressing her in?

Eric: We did a big sweep of the fast fashion stores—there’s a lot of H&M and Topshop. Material Girl from Macy’s has tons of great pieces, and so do Bebe and Guess. We’re actually using vintage Guess which seems very appropriate, but the new Guess collection is also kind of perfect. Urban Outfitters has leather bralets and lace crop tops, and even though these pieces have an ’90s feel, we tailor them to have more of an ’80s silhouette. She’s into Manolo Blahnik shoes, and their pointy shape is key to her style. We’re also using things from Rodarte‘s acid-wash collection that are really perfect and Versace’s Versus line has a great leather jacket with gold studs. It feels very tongue-in-cheek and overdone, but that’s what those girls wore!

Read the full article by Julia Rubin about how Samantha’s style influences Carrie’s fashion choices in season two and what 80’s inspired trends you’ll want to discover on!

huffpostlivestudio_tallSHOP AT HOME WITH ERIC DAMAN:
Learn How To Revamp Your Style!

Eric Daman costume designer of The Carrie Diaries, Gossip Girl, and author of personal style guide You Know You Want it teaches you how to sift through everything in your closet for a fresh take on the clothes & accessories you know you’ve been overlooking.

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So far I’m best known for my work outfitting the Upper East Siders on Gossip Girl, and now of course, I’ve risen to the challenge of outfitting a young Carrie Bradshaw in the new CW series The Carrie Diaries. This isn’t my first encounter with the character of Carrie — I worked with Patricia Field on several seasons of the original Sex and the City! Popsugar invited me to visit their NYC studio to chat about what you can expect on The Carrie Diaries, including a mix of contemporary labels with vintage and some of Carrie’s trademark personalized accessories.


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THEY COVETEUR’ED ME: The Coveteur Comes Backstage for a Close-Up Look in Carrie’s Closet (and Mine, too!)


I was fortunate enough to invite The Coveteur’s creative team to the set of The Carrie Diaries to capture the show’s wardrobe and see the inspiration behind Carrie’s (and the rest of the girls’) on-screen looks. To up the ante, I brought along a few wardrobe must-haves from my own closet at home for an up-close and personal tour of what’s going on behind the scenes of The Carrie Diaries, and to show you what’s waiting in the wings for me when I get dressed and ready to make it work!

The Coveteur Captures the Closets of Today’s Tastemakers & Influential Fashion Icons…


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The Carrie Diaries stars Annasophia Robb as teenage Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City prequel; Eric Daman is the costume designer for the series. Scottie Bag by Mark Cross.

As the costume designer of the new ‘Sex and the City’ prequel, I’m mixing high and low looks, fast fashion with vintage —and a healthy dose of haute couture, of course! Stay tuned for touches of TopShop and dashes of Dior (and Alice + Olivia, Marc by Marc, Collette Dinnigan, Mac Duggal Coutoure, M Missoni, Forever 21, Intermix, Coach, Comptoir de Cotonniers, H&M, Eva Franco, Mark Cross, and Zara, to name a only a few)!

Annasophia Robb stars as the teenage Carrie Bradshaw in the title role of The Carrie Diaries; the original Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker; Eric Daman, who assisted Patricia Field on Sex and the City, is the costume designer of The Carrie Diaries series.

“It’s so much fun to see the fearless choices Carrie makes,” Annasophia Robb recently gushed to Leah Faye Cooper of The New York Post. And added “What makes [Eric Daman] so good at his job is that you can’t tell what’s $800 and $20.”

The Carrie Diaries stars Annasophia Robb, with Freema Agyeman, both shown here in a range of outfits (created by The Carrie Diaries costume designer Eric Daman) including clothes by TopShop, H&M, Collette Dinnigan, Mac Duggal Couture, Dior, Coach, Intermix, Robert Rodriguez, Eva Franco, to name a few.

I grew up in the ’80s, and I loved ’80s fashion. It was kind of a turning point for just being wild and free and expressing yourself! So for me it’s about identifying how we think of who we already know as Carrie Bradshaw versus who she could have been as a teenager in the ’80s and invent continuity between the two.


Read the full article by Leah Faye Cooper online at

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