@EricDaman_Style: Firstly I want to say what a huge inspiration you have been to me to become a stylist/costume designer. I am in need of some advice, stylist to assistant. I have been assisting permanently for 10 months now, the stylist that I work for does both print and tv more in the advertising industry. I am very grateful for this opportunity as I am from South Africa and jobs like this is very very scarce. The problem is I want to know how long does one need to be treated as a personal assistant/slave/chauffeur/therapist/stylist assistant? I am losing my interest in the industry because of having to be all these things all the time. If this is normal I will stop moaning and carry on as efficiently as possible. i just need to know that there is some hope of working in a nice environment where one does not dread to do the one thing you truly love. South African Assistant

Dear SAS

Thank you for your compliments I appreciate you saying that. You’re gonna have to work hard, hang in there, and be in it for the long haul. Seems like it happens all at once but that’s not true. Ten months feels like a long time, and maybe you’re a bit bored now and then. You have to stay focussed on learning as much as possible, doing as much as possible, and learn how to stick with it when it gets so busy and crazy and intense you think your brain is going to explode. Once you can handle all that, you’ll be ready to be a stylist.

xoxo E

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