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I get asked so many style questions I have decided to invite you to post your questions here, so I can answer them for you, and share your question with my other followers!

Here is a sample of what my fans often want to know:

@EricDaman_Style can i ask u a question? do u match the colors of the outfits with the emotional situation of the character in the episode?
sandra @kassandra88 9:31 AM – 10 Feb 12 via Twitter

@EricDaman_Style Probably a vague question but what are some of the main designers behind Chuck Bass’s outfits? Huge fan of your work!
Jason @jvanmali 9:08 PM – 7 Feb 12 via Twitter

@EricDaman_Style what is your expert take on stockings/sheers – to bare or not to bare in the coldest of climes, that is the question.
11:42 AM – 7 Feb 12 via Twitter for iPhone

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xoxo E

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