Upon graduating from the tiny Mooresville Highschool, deep in the midlands of the midwest, never did I think I would end up in Paris or NYC. Much less have an exciting career in film, tv, and fashion as a costume designer. Back then there were no “celebrity” stylists, fashion blogs, or even the internet for that matter. I started college the next year as a political science major with an international business minor at Wabash, but graduated four years later from the Sorbonne with a French literature degree.

In the midwestern ’80s a teen boy would find few aspirations to take on the haute couture world of the Upper East Side. But I had a passion for fashion that kept driving me forward to the next level. I would drive an hour to the nearest mall to get Interview Magazine. Now I have the privilege and honor to be a part of it all, right outside my East village doorstep.

Recently, I found my senior portrait, above. It’s a far cry from my modelling days with Steven Meisel, but still relevant, and quite revealing. As you can see, my love of accessories goes back a long way! I would wear proudly wear my entire Swatch collection, all at the same time, naturally. I know I raised a few eyebrows but I didn’t care. It must be then in the back of mind I was unconsciously formulating a mantra of my own: Don’t apologize, accessorize.

After almost 25 years of taking chances and leaps of faith, here I am. Looking back on my own ’80s coming-of-age era, I aim to inspire a new vision with a familiar name: #CARRIEBRADSHAW.


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