Here’s where what you wear comes in into play even more importantly…

If the name Edith Head doesn’t ring a definite bell, she’s certainly one for your syllabus of style…

Edith Head knew how to bring out the spirit, character, and inner strength of actresses whose looks could easily have faded into the background. Her own signature bangs and round tortoise frames were not to be missed.

Edith’s advice:

“is that what you wear must at all times be chosen for flattery, as well as appropriateness. If your liabilities seem overwhelming, remember this. Most of the beauties you think of as flawless have simply learned how to negotiate, and accentuate the positive and camouflage the negative.”

True to form, Edith’s advice for what to wear, even on a first date, is based on the intended audience. “If possible, try to find out who [your date’s] favorite actresses are in motion pictures, television and the theater.”

Edith Head won 8 Oscars and was nominated an additional 28 times for costume design. She is said to have won more Academy Awards than any other woman, having been credited as costume designer for a total of 340 productions! All About Eve is probably the one you’ve heard of the most, but it wasn’t her first Oscar win. That honor was hers for The Heiress.


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