@ChicHarmony “@EricDaman_Style: How did you get into working in the wonderful world of Costume Design? It seems fascinating! & do you have to go to college for styling?”

A set of unique life experiences, a very focussed application of my talents, and an all consuming desire to succeed in this business is how I got here. Early morning starts, long days, and late nights. It is fascinating and I love doing it. I studied French literature at the Sorbonne, was a buyer at a Parisian clothing boutique, got discovered as model, came to New York, learned about styling for photo shoots, then I learned about costume design for independent film, then television. One thing led to another and I embraced eacn new opportunity with 200% of my attention and dedication.

As far as college for styling… I studied literature! But I was well read had studied business, my Dad’s an engineer and my Mom’s a nurse, so I was exposed to a huge amount of information of many different kinds. Steve Jobs did not finish college I beleive. Nonetheless you’d need some significant preparation of some kind that could translate laterally. We all have different paths!

Thanks for asking!

xoxo E

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